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So, what is a Wedding Content Creator and how does all of this work? Keep scrolling to unravel everything you need to know about capturing your special day with Content By Kenna.

You have questions
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What I do:

Provide you with hundreds of photos and videos within 24 hours of saying "I Do"

Take the stress off of you, your bridal party, family, and friends by capturing your content

Capture the raw and real moments of your day

Act as your own personal paparazzi, bonus bridesmaid, and ultimate hype girl

Replace your professional photographer or videographer

Use top of the line, professional equipment

Filter or edit every piece of content taken

Suggest poses, or direct the wedding party unless previously asked

What I don't do:

wedding content creator

Create ready-to-post content for your social media platforms

Get in the way. I am a behind the scenes creator that will work seamlessly with your media team


What is a wedding content creator?

A wedding content creator is a professional who specializes in capturing and curating a variety of behind-the-scenes content to tell the unique story of a couple's wedding day. This includes photos, videos, and other engaging media that goes beyond traditional photography or videography. 

How is a wedding content creator different from a wedding photographer or videographer?

While photographers focus on still images and videographers capture dynamic footage, both using professional equipment, a wedding content creator blends both, providing a real-time, unedited narrative. The emphasis is on candid moments, creating a more immersive and personal experience for the couple.

What makes you unique compared to other content creators?

What sets me apart is the blend of digital marketing expertise and a genuine passion for storytelling. I focus on capturing candid, authentic moments that reflect your love story uniquely. This, coupled with a commitment to providing raw, unedited content promptly, makes Content By Kenna a distinctive choice.

Why should I hire a wedding content creator?

A wedding content creator goes beyond the standard coverage of photographers and videographers, capturing intimate and candid moments in real-time. Hiring one ensures a comprehensive and personalized storytelling experience, providing you with a more dynamic and emotionally resonant representation of your special day.

Is wedding content creation a replacement for professional wedding photography or videography?

It's not a replacement but a valuable addition. Content creation offers a different perspective, focusing on unscripted moments and real-time storytelling. Together with photography and videography, it creates a more comprehensive memory package.

What does a wedding content creator typically cost?

Costs vary based on the package selected. Packages usually cover consultation, coverage, local travel, editing, and prompt delivery of raw, unedited content. Prices may range from $700 to $2200, depending on the hours and services. Industry prices typically range from $1,000 to $5,000.

What can we expect on the day of our wedding?

Expect a dedicated content creator blending seamlessly into your day, capturing candid moments alongside your photographer and videographer. I'll be your hype girl, and ensuring each emotional and intimate detail is beautifully documented.

Can you capture specific requests?

Absolutely! I'm here to tailor the content to your specific requests. Whether it's a particular moment, person, or detail you want highlighted, I'll make it happen.

When will I receive my content?

Expect to receive your full gallery of raw, unedited content within 24 hours of your wedding day. It's a prompt delivery to ensure you can cherish and share the moments right away. Short-form videos will be ready within 72 hours.

How will I receive my content?

Within 24 hours after your wedding, you'll receive a full gallery of raw, unedited content through Google Drive, WeTransfer, or iCloud link. This includes videos and images, allowing you to relive the magic almost immediately.

Is there a limit to how much footage I will receive?

The amount of footage depends on the package selected. However, the emphasis is on quality over quantity, ensuring each moment is thoughtfully captured.

I’m interested — how does this work?

It starts with an inquiry form, followed by a consult call to discuss your vision. After securing your date with a deposit, we plan your content together and, on your wedding day, I become your dedicated storyteller.

Should I hire a Content Creator if I'm not an influencer and I don't post much on social media?

Absolutely! Wedding content isn't just for influencers or social media enthusiasts. Even if you're not big on posting or don't consider yourself an influencer, hiring a Content Creator adds immense value to your wedding experience. It's about capturing genuine moments and creating a timeless story that you can cherish for years to come. Whether you're sharing your content with the world or keeping it more private, having these memories documented in a personalized and authentic way is something you'll appreciate, influencer status or not!

What questions should I ask on our wedding content consultation call?

Ask about the creative process, how I collaborate with your existing team, and discuss your vision for the day. Inquire about their experience, turnaround time, and any specific requests you may have for your content.



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