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Being a 2024 bride, I understand the longing for more than just posed photos and a polished wedding video. I craved the raw, unedited moments—the laughter, tears, and whispers that tell the real story of a wedding day. I founded Content By Kenna to empower brides like you, and your family and friends, to be fully present, knowing every intimate detail is being captured.

The heart of Content By Kenna lies in preserving not just the big moments—the ceremony, vows, and grand entrance—but the smaller, equally precious ones. Your mom helping you into your dress, bridesmaids hyping you up before you say "I do", and your grandparents' tender reactions to seeing you for the first time—all captured and ready for you to relive the very next day. This isn't just a business for me; it's a passion to provide you with the content you truly want and deserve on your wedding day.

Turning little moments into lifelong memories.

Turning little moments into lifelong memories.

2024 BRIDE, and your new bff

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more faqs

A wedding content creator is a professional who specializes in capturing and curating a variety of visual and multimedia content to tell the unique story of a couple's wedding day. This includes photos, videos, and other engaging media that goes beyond traditional photography or videography. The best part? You get ALL of your unedited photos and video clips the very next day!

so what is a wedding content creator?

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After our chat, get your custom content quote. Secure your date with a deposit, and we're official!


Once you inquire, let's set up a 30-min consult call. I can't wait to hear every detail of your wedding vision!


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Experience the big and small moments of your wedding day all over again—receive your entire wedding gallery within 24 hours! Raw, unedited, and ready to relive.


I'll be your biggest hype girl, collaborating seamlessly with your media team to capture every magical moment.


Post-deposit, we'll dive deeper into your wedding day details, timeline, and content preferences. We'll even review some Reels & TikTok examples for your short form videos!


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Perfect for intimate celebrations with the people you love.

love story

a night to remember

golden hour

6 hours of content coverage

2 edited short-form videos

Unlimited photo and video content

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Extended coverage for an unforgettable love story.

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From getting ready to the last dance, this package covers it all!

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1 content creator/hype girl

Unedited gallery within 24 hours

8 hours of content coverage

3-4 edited short-form videos

Unlimited photo and video content

1 content creator/hype girl

Unedited gallery within 24 hours

10 hours of content coverage

4-6 edited short-form videos

Unlimited photo and video content

1 content creator/hype girl

Unedited gallery within 24 hours

6 Hours

8 Hours

10 Hours

iconic elegance

15 Total Hours

For the couples that want it all! This all-inclusive, VIP package will give you everything you need to make sure each moment from your rehearsal to reception is beautifully documented!

This package is also perfect for destination weddings!

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3 hours of rehearsal dinner or welcome party coverage with 1 short-form video

12 hours of wedding day content

Unlimited photo and video content

2 content creators/hype girls

Unedited gallery within 24 hours

6-8 edited short-form videos

Real time Instagram story posting

1 post video using professional images


Don't wait! Your wedding day deserves to be captured uniquely and beautifully so you can relive it for years to come. I'd love to work with you—submit an inquiry form today for a personalized consultation!

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Hi, I'm Kenna—your dedicated wedding content creator, professional paparazzi,  and biggest hype girl

—capturing every candid, heartfelt moment that makes your love story uniquely yours.