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At 26, I'm not just your content creator; I'm a 2024 bride navigating the thrilling world of love and weddings right alongside you. By day, I'm a digital marketing manager, telling stories on social media. By night (and weekends), I'm your professional paparazzi, capturing the essence of your love story. My passion for weddings and the desire to bridge the gap in the wedding media industry is how Content By Kenna came to life.

2024 bride and digital marketing manager

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I'M kenna, A COntent creator
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Rhyannon Smith | 2023 Bride


"I can’t thank Kenna enough for all the work she put in to document our wedding day. The little moments she captured are everything I ever wanted and more!"

Brandon and I got engaged on June 6, 2023 (cue the happy tears), and I would be lying if I said I hadn't already started planning our wedding. But, let's get real, planning a wedding and navigating through a sea of vendors can be so overwhelming.

As we dreamt up our wedding vision, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing in the Kansas City wedding scene. I craved those polished professional photos and the swoon-worthy wedding video, sure. But what about all the in-between moments—the genuine, unfiltered stuff? That's where the gap was.

And that's when the lightbulb moment happened. Why not bridge that gap myself? Enter Content By Kenna, born out of my love for weddings and a mission to capture not just the big, glamorous moments but all the raw, unedited magic in between.

Your mom helping you into your dress, bridesmaids hyping you up before you walk down the aisle, and your grandparents' tender reactions when they see you for the first time on your wedding day—all captured and ready for you to relive the very next day. This isn't just a business for me; it's a passion to provide you with the content you truly want and deserve.

I had no idea i would end up here

IT ALL STARTED WHEN I got engaged.

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Our wedding is September 28, 2024!

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Hi, I'm Kenna—your dedicated wedding content creator, professional paparazzi,  and biggest hype girl

—capturing every candid, heartfelt moment that makes your love story uniquely yours.